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Is My Nonprofit Eligible To Apply For Grants?

There's a difference between being eligible to apply and being ready to apply for grants.

Part of Laura's job is to help you understand when you are ready – and when you are eligible – to apply for grants. Your organization may not be eligible for every funding opportunity.

First, your organization needs to be "grant ready." Then, you need to determine your nonprofit's eligibility.

Eligibility requirements help match your program to a funder's giving priorities. Your eligibility may be determined by your geography, the population you serve, the type of support you're seeking (e.g. program support, general operating support, capital purchase) and even the size of your budget and amount you're requesting.

And, even if you are eligible, there may be very good reasons not to apply for a grant.

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"We're so grateful for the assistance Laura lent to Sacred Portion Children's Outreach, her 'sacred portion.' We sincerely do appreciate all the support and timely assistance that Laura provided to this ministry. We were truly at a crossroads when the Lord introduced us to her and we are sincerely grateful for all that she provided us."

Craig Druckenmiller, Founder, Sacred Portion Children's Outreach