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Grant Proposal Critiques

Grant Proposal Critique Review

Make your good proposal even better.

Laura's objective proposal review will give you a fresh perspective.

Her words of advice will help you take your grant writing to a new level.


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Does your proposal read well for your target audience?

Laura is a former program officer. That means she knows what funders are looking for when they read proposals. She also knows what they don't want to see. And that can make the difference between a proposal that's funded or not funded.

When Laura reviews your grant proposal, she's looking for several things:

  • typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • general readability
  • overall clarity, consistency, tone and flow
  • jargon or concepts that may not be familiar outside your organization
  • adherence to the funder's formatting recommendations or requirements

Your proposal critique will include the following:

  • a summary of your proposal's strengths and weaknesses
  • suggestions for improvement
  • recommendations for revisions
  • helpful hints that will help you make every proposal you write better

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What nonprofits say...

We really appreciate the concrete suggestions. Your points are very well taken, and we agree that we need to take another, different run at this.

Laura provided very detailed, constructive help and support that was timely and within the schedule she committed to. Her guidance not only helped create a polished application, but we learned techniques and tips so that our next application will go much smoother, so it was an excellent learning experience. We will definitely work with Laura again in the future.

This has been a wonderful process to go through with you! You provided a lot of help and insight! I've learned a ton and am very excited about this grant! I've reviewed your comments and edits and feel SOOO much better about this!

I am a strong writer who nonetheless needed some help polishing grant proposals. Laura's feedback has been terrific. She offers useful, targeted comments that have strengthened our organization's proposals and my own understanding of what grantors want. Laura's feedback consists not only of constructive criticism but also of positive reinforcement; when she sees something she likes, she'll tell you! That's wonderful news for writers who may need encouragement. The constructive criticism is always useful and is always accompanied by a reason. In this way, Laura helps her clients learn to write stronger proposals next time, and the next time, and the next time.

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