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Professional Grant Writing Services

We write winning grants.

We've helped nonprofits cumulatively win millions of dollars from grant proposals. (Our win rate exceeds 70%.)

We write grant applications for established nonprofits and viable projects that we believe can succeed in today's competitive grant world.

Are you serious about raising money for your nonprofit from foundation grants?

REALLY serious?

If your organization is a good candidate for grants, your chances are really good that we can help you win more awards.

Plus, we can save you time and money, compared to you doing all of the grant research, grant writing, and grant management in-house.

We write a lot of grants. And we have a lot of success.

Our clients are established organizations that work in the areas of education, youth development, health, and human services.

Most of our clients have an annual operating budget between $1MM and $10MM.

We only write grant proposals for a few select organizations. Here's why.

We believe in the importance of relationships - depth, not breadth.

This focus really lets us get to know our clients, their programs, and the grant funders they approach.

Although we work with a select number of clients, we write many, many proposals.

Each of our clients is applying to 15 to 50 grants each year. And they're winning the vast majority.

We rarely take a writing assignment for a single grant proposal.

Our technology allows us to manage ambitious grant writing goals for our clients.

We use and leverage multiple cloud-based technologies to increase efficiency, multiply productivity, and provide transparency to our clients. Here's how it works:

Imagine... knowing about upcoming opportunities and never missing an application deadline!

  • Our proprietary Grant Tracker software keeps track of hundreds of foundations, their deadlines, all of their application requirements, and more. Automated processes monitor dates and deadlines and automatically start the grant application workflow when it's time.

No more endless back-and-forth with email or last-minute requests for information!

  • We use cloud-based Project Management software to manage ALL grants. It allows us to easily assign grant tasks to clients, such as "Provide project budget" or "Sign W-9." When the client uploads this information, it's placed right where it needs to be in our systems.

When you work with us, you'll always know exactly what we're working on for you...and how close to completion we are!

  • Our custom Client Portal pulls everything together for our clients. Clients can login at any time to see all of their active projects (and % complete), open tasks assigned to them, their grant award history, and much more.

Extensive use of automation keeps everyone informed and everything on track.

  • Our systems automatically monitor deadlines and fire off status emails at regular intervals (or when an immediate action is required).

Information for prospective new clients:

Before we take on a new grant writing client, we consider several factors including:

  • the nonprofit's age and general readiness to apply for grants
  • the organization's past history of success (both programs and fundraising)
  • the strength of the programs needing grant funding, including whether they meet a clear community need
  • the organization's annual budget (typically $1MM+) and program budgets
  • the diversity of current funding sources and long-term sustainability plan
  • the ability of the nonprofit to manage grant awards and deliver stated outcomes

Grant makers are looking for these things, too. That's why your nonprofit needs to be "grant ready" before you apply for grants.

Yes, I want to talk to Laura about our grant writing needs!

What nonprofits say...

Laura has done an excellent job of guiding our group on some of the intricacies and subtleties of fundraising -- especially in the area of grants. We feel we have a very good guide in an area we were truly 'newbies' in.

Working with Laura streamlined the incredibly complex process of grant writing. She got to know our organization and projects and translated that knowledge into a clear set of steps for us to move forward and grow.

When you are seeking a grantwriter who researches, consults and completes the work with collaboration and competency, ask for Laura Rhodes.

All I can say is, 'WOW!' You've got this grant writing thing down.

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