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Thank You Letters

Thank You Letters

Saying "thank you" isn't just about the last gift. It's also about the next one.

Your thank you letter needs to be much more than a simple gift acknowledgment.

Laura knows how to Wow! donors, and she can help you write a better thank you letter for your nonprofit organization.


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Simply saying "thank you" isn't enough.

Do you say it? Or show it?

There's a difference between writing a gift acknowledgment and showing genuine appreciation.

Here's the truth:

  • Donors who feel truly appreciated are more likely to give again.
  • Donors who know and feel good about how their gift is used are more likely to give again.
  • Donors who are thanked more than once – and in different ways – are more likely to give again.

How you say "thank you", who says it, and when you do it – it all matters, and it all makes a difference.

Laura can review and critique your current thank you letter and help you write a better one. She'll also help you understand who needs to say 'thank you,' when, how, and why.

Laura can also write donor-centered thank you letters, emails, and phone scripts for you as part of a comprehensive fundraising communications plan.

Yes, I want Laura to help me say thank you better!

What nonprofits say...

Your letter is way better and absolutely wonderful. Perfect suggestions - which is why I always LOVE sending things your way.

I just got the nicest email from a donor - thanking ME for the thank you letter I sent her! Thank you for your magic.

YOU understand how important donor appreciation is - along with reporting back, creating experiences, etc. It matters. Thank you for helping us do that!!!

I LOVE the thank you letter... it is awesome! YOU are like magic. You are so very gifted - beyond words.

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