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Nonprofit Workshops and Presentations

Want to learn how to raise more money for your nonprofit?

Laura offers grant writing and fundraising workshops and presentations for nonprofit staff and board members.

Programs for all needs and budgets. From 1-hour presentations, to half-day workshops, to full days of training.

Online Training (Live)

»»» We are currently not providing any training or workshops (May 2024).

The following online trainings are currently being offered. These are conducted live via Zoom. Please inquire for scheduling.

Show Me The Money!

Grants are great, but they aren't the only way for a nonprofit to raise money. In fact, grants are NOT the best way for new nonprofits to raise money. This interactive session will explore where nonprofits get their funding and challenge you to rethink where your organization gets yours.

20 Fundraising Truths You Should Know (and Probably Don't)

Whether you're an experienced fundraiser or just getting started, you'll be surprised by what you don't know. This fast-paced session will separate fundraising facts from fiction. You'll leave with practical tips for donor communications that will help you raise more money from individuals.

Make Yourself More Appealing

Direct mail is NOT dead. And chances are you could be raising a lot more money from your letter writing campaigns – if you were writing better letters. In this introductory session, you'll learn tips and tricks for a successful direct mail campaign.

Introduction to Grant Writing

Are you looking for a grant to fund your nonprofit's work? If you've never written a grant before, or if you've written a few without much success, then this program is for you. Learn the basics of successful grant writing.

Grant Writing Workshops

»»» We are currently not providing any training or workshops (May 2024).

Grant Writing Boot Camp

In this high-touch, hands-on workshop, you'll learn effective strategies for researching and writing foundation grants. This workshop combines lecture, group discussion, and hands-on activities to reinforce course material. You'll practice with more than a dozen exercises and leave with new ideas and actual writing samples that can be incorporated in your next grant proposal. (FULL DAY)

Grant Writing 101

There's more to grant writing than just "writing." A lot more. This workshop covers the basics of foundation grant research and grant writing. You'll learn how to find your best prospects and write your own grant proposals. (HALF DAY)

Fundraising Workshops

»»» We are currently not providing any training or workshops (May 2024).

Plan for Your Fundraising Success

In this workshop, you'll learn what you need to know (and do) before you can raise more money for your nonprofit. You'll consider your organization's past results and start thinking about new and different ways to raise money. (HALF DAY)

The Art and Science of Fundraising Appeals

This workshop explores the art and the science behind fundraising appeals. In this fast-paced session, you'll learn what works and why. You'll also learn what you need to consider (and do) before writing your next letter. (HALF DAY)

Keep More Donors, Raise More Money

In this workshop, you'll learn the 4 simple steps to keep more donors and raise more money. You'll look at real-life appeals, thank you letters, and reports that illustrate what to do (and what not to do!) if you want to raise more money. (HALF DAY)

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