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Donor Reports

Donor Reports

You asked. You thanked. Now what?

Successful fundraising follows a cycle: ask, thank, report, repeat. But most nonprofits skip the third step.

Laura can help you write formal and informal reports to your donors, so they'll be more likely to give when you ask again.

Reporting: The Missing Link

You know that your nonprofit needs to ask, then thank your donors for giving.

But did you know that you need to report back to donors, before you ask them to give again?

It's true. Donors crave information on the difference their donations make.

They want to know how things have changed for the better. They want to know how lives or conditions have improved.

Reports can be formal or informal, and they need to be donor-centric. That means telling your donor what her donation did and how it had a positive impact on someone or something.

How you "report," who you send it to, when you send it, and what you say – it all matters, and it all makes a difference.

Laura can review and critique your last report and help you write a better one. She'll also help you understand what you need to say, when, how, and to whom.

Laura can also write donor-centered reports for you as part of a comprehensive fundraising communications plan.

Yes, I want Laura to help me report back to my donors!

What nonprofits say...

Laura quickly became an extension of our very small development team. We used her expertise to write not only grants, but also eventually direct mail appeals, newsletters and stewardship communications.

When something has been Laura-ized, I'm so happy and feel better about my communications!!!

You are so very wonderful. I love your changes and photo captions! As always---I do think the donors will like it and feel good.

I highly recommend Laura's services to any organization that is looking to improve their level of fundraising.

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