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Ask-Thank-Report Package

Ask, Thank, Report Annual Appeals

Want to raise more money, all year long?

Laura will help you create and implement annual plan to ask, thank, and report back to your donors.

Not only will you raise more money during the year, you'll raise money all year long.


Ready to learn more? Contact Laura today.

There's more to fundraising than "asking." A lot more.

Did you know...?

  • There's an art (and a science) to writing messages that raise money.
  • There's more to a thank you letter than just saying "thank you."
  • Donors want to hear from you after you say thank you, too. (Really, they do!)

Successful fundraising is a process: Ask. Thank. Report. And repeat.

  • Do you know why each of those steps matter? And how they help you raise money?
  • Do you know how to write a great donor-centered letter and donor-centered reports?
  • Do you have time to write fundraising appeals, thank you letters, and reports to donors?
  • Do you just need help writing fundraising communications that will bring in more money?

Relax. It's okay. That's why we're here.

Laura Rhodes is a Certified Fund Raising Executive and a nonprofit communications professional. She's here to help you.

Laura will help you develop a year-long fundraising communications calendar

Then she'll write your appeals, thank you letters, and donor reports for you.

When you need help with your fundraising communications, you'll find it right here.

It's called the Ask-Thank-Report Annual Package. And, in a nutshell, here's how it works:

Laura will work with you to create an annual fundraising communications calendar.

After that, Laura will help you:


  • Review your previous appeal(s), helping you understand how they could be improved.
  • Write up to 4 different direct mail appeal letters, specific to your organization, for you to send throughout the year.
  • Make recommendations for the design of your letter, reply device, and outer mailing envelope.


  • Help you understand donor segments and why you want to thank different segments differently.
  • Help you create a stewardship plan by making recommendations on how and when to thank each segment.
  • Write up to 4 thank you letters that your donors will love to read. No more boring letters!
  • Provide a sample telephone call script you can use to thank donors.


  • Work with your organization to write up to 4 status updates for you to send to your donors, within a 12-month period.
  • Updates will be written with digital distribution in mind.

When you ask more often – and do a better job of thanking and reporting back to your donors – you will raise more money.

Yes, I want to learn how the Ask-Thank-Report Package can help my organization raise more money!

What nonprofits say...

We're getting in lots of renewals! I think our touch points and reporting back, and the renewal letter all are playing a part. Yay, having Laura on the team!!!

You are my hero!!! Seriously. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of weight you have continued to take off my shoulders. THANK YOU.

By writing these, you are allowing me to breathe and tackle other projects. Appreciate you so very much.

You have been vital to our ability to show donor love and report back on their impact!

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