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Fundraising Appeal Critiquing Service

Appeal Critiquing Service

Want to raise more from your appeals and emails?

You can! There's an art and science to writing fundraising appeals that raise money.

Laura knows what works and why. She'll critique your appeal and tell you how you can turn it into a money-making machine.


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Your next appeal can raise more money. Lots more.

"We have nearly doubled, yes doubled, the financial results of our end of year campaign."

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Laura will critique your last appeal letter and your current thank you letter.

    A critical review isn't necessarily a negative review! And it's so much more than proofreading or copy editing.

    A critique is a detailed analysis of your writing, your message, and the various elements that make your letter "work."
  2. She'll provide customized feedback on how you can make both better.

    Laura will point out strengths and weaknesses. She'll make specific suggestions how you can improve your letter using fundraising best practices. You'll learn techniques that are proven to raise more money.
  3. After you rewrite both your appeal and thank you letter, she'll review them and provide final feedback before you send them out.

    Every letter can be better. Laura will help you make your fundraising appeal and thank you letters the best that they can be.

Yes, I want Laura to critique my appeals and thank you letters!

What nonprofits say...

I love your edits! They are fabulous - you share so much of the why. WOW! The letter is a trillion times better! 

She is super quick on editing turnaround which has been so helpful. 

Did I tell you that I love you? If not-then I'm shouting it now. Thanks for being such an amazing asset for us. Your comments were amazing and so helpful. 

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