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Fundraising Appeal Letter Review

Do you want to raise more money from your next fundraising letter?

There's an art and science to writing fundraising letters that raise money.

That's why I offer this fundraising appeal review and writing service. It's for nonprofits, just like yours.

I'll show you how your fundraising appeals can raise more money. Lots more.

"Because of Laura's experience and insights with content, graphics, and overall packaging, we have nearly doubled, yes doubled, the financial results of our end of year campaign."

Let me show you what works, before you send out your next appeal.

I'll look at your fundraising letter and tell you, specifically, what you should do differently. You'll learn how to

  • get more people to open, read, and respond to your letter
  • "ask" in a way that more people will give - and give larger amounts
  • connect with your donors so they'll keep giving to your organization again and again

You'll also get a brand new, improved version of your fundraising letter!

What nonprofits say...

You helped me understand what we are doing wrong in a way that is not judgmental, but then also gave actionable suggestions that are doable.

I love your edits! They are fabulous - you share so much of the why. WOW! The letter is a trillion times better!

Appreciate your wonderful input, edits, work, suggestions and excellence - always.

Laura's feedback consists not only of constructive criticism but also of positive reinforcement; when she sees something she likes, she'll tell you!