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Find Foundation Grants with Grant Prospect Research

Foundation Grant Prospect Research

Better grant research = better grant results

To have the best chance for grant success, you need to ask the right funders for the right amount at the right time.

Laura will do the research and find the very best foundation grant opportunities for your nonprofit.


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Solid research is the first step to your grant success.

Laura has access to up-to-date information from more than 100,000 U.S. foundations and she uses this information to find qualified grant leads for your nonprofit.

Your custom grant prospect report will help you know you who to ask, how much support to request, when to ask...and when you'll have your next chance.

Your custom grant prospect report will help you

  • find more grants – identify new opportunities
  • improve your chances for success – ask the right funder for the right amount
  • save time – Laura does the research for you
  • save money – no costly research tools to buy
  • reduce stress – no new computer systems to learn
  • stay organized – keep all your grant information in one place

What nonprofits say...

Laura's work to help us identify foundations that may fund our work filled an important gap for us. She is professional, and her work is thorough and well researched. I have already recommended her to several other nonprofits, which speaks to my high opinion of her work and of her.

It is so time consuming to research grants, and having Laura put together a full report on each prospect was extremely valuable to our organization.

Not only is Laura very knowledgeable about nonprofits, but the grant prospect research reports she provided our board are excellent and practical.

The prospect report Laura prepared for us is very well organized and has been highly researched. As a small nonprofit, this would have taken us many months to put together. Laura got this to us within two weeks with more information than we asked for or expected.

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