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20 Fundraising Truths You Should Know (and Probably Don't)

No child grows up saying, "One day, I want to be a fundraiser!"

And very few adults have been trained in best practices in the field of fundraising. 

There are a lot of misunderstandings in the fundraising field - and they could be holding you and your fundraising back.

Based on the teachings of nonprofit communications guru Tom Ahern, this short session will test your knowledge and debunk common myths. You will learn where to focus your effort and energy so you can raise more money. 

Participants will leave with conversation starters and actionable ideas to take back to other staff and board members.

TARGET AUDIENCE Nonprofit Staff and Board Members
FORMAT Presentation

Participant Outcomes

You can expect to learn the following:

  • Which comes first? Raising awareness or raising money?
  • How old is a typical donor? What does that mean, and why does it matter?
  • How many times can you ask a donor for money in one year? (The answer will shock you!)
  • What works better in fundraising? Statistics or stories? Why?
  • What works better in fundraising? Sad pictures or happy ones? Why?

Participants will receive a list of 20 simple questions (and their surprising answers) to share with your staff and board members.

What People Say About This Workshop

What a great professional Laura is. She was motivational and her team building exercises were not too invasive or difficult to want to do. So much good and helpful info.

I loved this workshop! You have a great way of engaging your audience and are so knowledgeable! I am new to fundraising and I already brought back your ideas and presented some of them at this morning's staff meeting.

Your presentation was an eye-opener, especially for someone new to this field like myself. Excited to dig deeper! I will definitely be using what I learned!

I do want you to know, again, how fun and fascinating your presentation was. It was the most memorable of the conference for me! I will be sharing this information with my Board.

About the Instructor

Laura Rhodes is a Certified Fund Raising Executive and fundraising trainer who has 20+ years of experience working with - and for - nonprofits. As a former program officer with an international corporate foundation, Laura brings a unique perspective to the fundraising process. She knows what works, what doesn't, and why.

Upcoming Dates for this Program

No events are currently scheduled. Contact Laura to schedule an event in your area.

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