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Show Me The Money!

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Grants are great, but they aren't necessarily the best way for a nonprofit to raise money – especially new nonprofits.

This presentation will explore where nonprofits get their funding and challenge you to rethink where your organization gets yours.

This informative session will help you understand the effectiveness of some popular fundraising activities – and help you evaluate your own.

TARGET AUDIENCE Nonprofit Staff, Board Members, and Volunteers
FORMAT Online, Live
DURATION 1-1.5 Hours

Participant Outcomes

You can expect to learn things like:

  • Where do nonprofits get their funding?
  • How do grants fit in the "big picture?"
  • How does your nonprofit compare to other like-sized nonprofits?
    That is, where do they get their funding?
  • What are the most effective fundraising activities? The least effective?

All participants will also receive an easy-to-use fundraising activity checklist. This checklist will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current fundraising activities and identify ways to raise more money.

About the Instructor

Laura Rhodes is a Certified Fund Raising Executive and fundraising trainer who has 20+ years of experience working with - and for - nonprofits. As a former program officer with an international corporate foundation, Laura brings a unique perspective to the fundraising process. She knows what works, what doesn't, and why.

Contact Laura to schedule this training!

What Nonprofits Say About This Training

Laura's presentation was very insightful and spoke to me on my level which I really valued.

I acquired a new and important perspective today from Laura's presentation.

Laura's presentation on fundraising for our monthly Nonprofit Cafe had our highest attendance to date. Laura is able to make fundraising and grant writing accessible to a nonprofit of any size and capacity.

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