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Volunteers are passionate about the causes they love. What about your board?

Are your board members excited? Engaged? Eager to help?

Do your board members know what their roles and responsibilities are?

Many people don't have experience as board members – let alone as fundraisers.

You need your board members to understand their roles as a board and as individual board members and how to do those jobs well.

Whether it's basic board education or board member engagement, Third Sector Consulting can get everyone on the same page and working together, to move your organization forward.

Sessions range from 60 minutes to full day, depending on need.


Actual topics and exercises will vary based on your specific needs.

  1. Board vs. Board Member
    What's the difference and why does it matter?
  2. 10 Basic Roles and Responsibilities of Every Nonprofit Board
    The board has certain responsibilities. Do you, as a board member, understand them?
  3. How Are We Doing as a Board?
    Benchmark with other nonprofits to see how your organization compare
  4. Going From Good to Great
    Characteristics of good, better, and the best board member
  5. Evaluating and Leveraging Our Individual Strengths
    Understanding our individual strengths – and our collective strengths
  6. Build an All-Star Board with a Recruitment Matrix
    Who's already "on board?" And who do we need to strengthen our bench
  7. Recruiting New Board Members
    Strategies for identifying and engaging new board members
  8. Keeping Board Members Engaged and Motivated
    Strategies for keeping current board members excited and committed to the cause
  9. Strengthening Board and Staff Relations
    The board and staff are like a twin-engine plane. Keep yours flying straight and high.
  10. Building a Culture of Philanthropy Throughout the Organization
    It takes everyone, working together, to build a strong organization. You can do it!

What Nonprofits Say About This Training

Laura facilitated a day-long staff and board retreat for our organization. Obviously incredibly well-prepared, Laura provided meaningful activities and exercises for staff to explore while the board worked on something specific to their roles, and vice versa. Not an easy feat to keep a lot of balls juggling, and the seamlessness of it wasn't an accident. Laura made the day interactive (but not intrusive for the introverts in the room), and she approached issues from a lot of angles. Far exceeded my expectations.

About the Instructor

Laura Rhodes is a Certified Fund Raising Executive, Certified Grant Writer, and fundraising trainer who has 20+ years of experience working with - and for - nonprofits. As a former program officer with an international corporate foundation, Laura brings a unique perspective to the fundraising process. She knows what works, what doesn't, and why.

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